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"Tikvah and Shabbat working on transition changes"
"Tikvah and Shabbat working on transition changes"




Tikvah has been training horses for 9 years now, and in

that time has handled many different types of horses, from

horses that break through fences, spook at everything

around them, and on their back, to horses that are stubborn

and totally spoiled. She has ridden and handled many different breeds of horses,

Quarter horses, Paints, Fjords, Haflingers, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Mustang, Appaloosa, and ponies.

Ridden Mares, geldings, and Stallions.



Tikvah has ridden with, and worked for a professional horse 

trainer, who starts and finishes horses in the Vaquero/Californio style. 

She learned from him, that horses learn from the "release",

not "pressure". This training requires "feel", and "timing".


Tikvah was always looking to find a better way to work with

horses that actually made the horse want to be with you

and work with you. 

Like so many people in the world do, Tikvah first learned to 

ride the horse with no feel, and no care really of how she handled 

it, with reins, or legs. She learned to train a horse by tying it up, sacking

it out, kicking it to go, and pulling it to stop. 

About a year after she had been training horses, she was introduced to

the Vaquero/Californio style of horsemanship. She learned how to handle

the horse with feel, instead of force. 

Tikvah now works with horses in a way that will in the end create a soft, willing,

and usable horse. One that will work with you and not against you. 

She works with horses with a lot of vaquero style method.



After riding neighbors horses, starting colts, training raised

horses, training personal horses, training some outside horses,

and halterbreaking young colts, Tikvah has started a business 

 training horses.


Tikvah lives with her family of 11 brothers and sisters, who all ride.

When Tikvah is not riding/working with outside horses, she is either 

training her personal horses, helping her siblings train horses, helping make

homemade movie westerns, driving horses, or being with her family doing

a multitude of other things. 






"practicing with the rope"
"practicing with the rope"
"Tikvah and Snowfy out in the sage brush"
"Tikvah and Snowfy out in the sage brush"
Tikvah and Canyon
Tikvah and Canyon
"Coming back from a long afternoon ride"
"Coming back from a long afternoon ride"
"Taking a break after going a few rounds in the corral"
"Taking a break after going a few rounds in the corral"